Now including pre-concert talk by Nigel Hayward  6.30-7.00pm, focusing on two of the composers featured in the main performance, Haydn and Janàcek, providing musical examples and illustrations on the piano.


Haydn: String Quartet Op 20 No 5

Janácek: String Quartet No 2 “Intimate Letters”

Tom Harrold: New work

Tchaikovsky: String Quartet No 2

An emotionally charged programme featuring the most intense of Haydn’s Op 20 quartets; a work which has been described as Janácek’s “Manifesto on Love”; and Tchaikovsky’s second quartet, regarded by the composer in the year it was written as his finest work.  This concert will also feature a new quartet by Tom Harrold as part of the Edinburgh Quartet’s “North-South-East-West” Project in which the Quartet will be joined on stage by local amateur string players.

 Supported by Creative Scotland