Welcome in the Christmas spirit with the North Ness Boys and Freda Leask!

Let these popular local musicians immerse you in an evening of contemporary and traditional music from Shetland and across the world, the perfect start to your Christmas season.

Brothers, Aubrey, Clive and Trevor Jamieson have been performing as The North Ness Boys at venues throughout Shetland and beyond for a good few years now. Their father, the late Pat Jamieson, was a very well-known Gospel Singer and male voice choir leader, they deliver a flavour of the singing style and songs that have been around the Jamieson family for at least two generations. Their delivery is powerful, pure, joyous and adventurous, yet always sweetly melodic and sensitive to the mood of the piece. Whether it is Clive's lead voice setting that mood, or all three voices in close harmony, there is a unity in what they do and an unmistakeable family style.

 Freda Leask is a Shetland born singer/songwriter whose material is a blend of contemporary and traditional music, where cover songs mix with original self-penned material. A keen promoter of the Shetland dialect, many of her own compositions are sung in dialect but range in style from contemporary folk to country to gospel. Perhaps best known as the originator of Shetland's Folk Band 'Shoormal', Freda still performs as vocalist with some of the original members of this band.