Sun 26 Jun 2022, 2.30pm - 4.00pm

Since January students of ALICE Theatre Project have been devising their brand new theatre show! On Sunday 26th June they will take over the Garrison Theatre and invite you to enjoy their work!  

In ‘Happily Ever After…’ Our four ALICE Children’s Theatre companies; the Rabbits, the Hatters, the Cats and the Hearts, will share their own unique interpretation of traditional fairytales, but not quite as you’ve ever seen them before as they flip them upside down and inside out! What if Snow White wasn’t killed by the Wicked Queen after all? And why do the three little pigs have to be pigs anyway…what if they are dragons…or unicorns! Expect the unexpected as we take you on a journey through our student’s imaginations… 

Tickets on public sale from Tuesday 31 May. 

ALICE Theatre Project runs creative Children’s Theatre Classes throughout term time in Islesburgh Community Centre for children and young people aged from Primary 1 up to Secondary 1. For further information or to join the class waiting list please visit or email  

Photo by Pixabay