Springing out from an old brown suitcase, come and see a magical garden bloom to life! Join Greta Green Thumb the Gardening Clown, and her pal Nettles as they discover the wonder and adventures to be had within nature. Witness mischief-makers messing, monkey-business brewing and shenanigans shimozzling!

A show full of joy with laughter, inclusion and accessibility lying at its heart. Using no spoken text alongside puppetry, clown, and a sprinkle of audience participation, you’re all invited to bring your giggles along and share in this delightful world.

Suitable for ages 2+, children must be accompanied by responsible adult. 

After the show, there is an option for a half-hour puppet making workshop, where Lois will work alongside families to create their own nature-inspired puppet! One supporting adult goes free with every child as part of the workshop ticket. 

The Travelling Shadow Theatre dream up original puppet shows filled with joy, wonderment, and a big dollop of silliness. Since 2012 from Fiji, to Australia, and back to our hometown Sheffield, UK, we’ve been sharing magic and exploding it onto streets, theatres and just about anywhere and everywhere! 

Puppet Animation is a Scotland wide festival! Founded in 1984, Puppet Animation Scotland champions visual theatre puppetry and animated film in Scotland and internationally.