Shetland Youth Theatre has been producing exciting, challenging and imaginative performances for over 20 years. Later this year, Shetland Youth Theatre will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a large production of William Shakespeare’s, The Tempest, and a block of drama workshops are being delivered to develop the skills required to participate.

So many people are terrified of Shakespeare as his work is often described as difficult, incomprehensible, archaic, intellectual, but he was actually a story-teller for the masses not the elite.  Over the years there have been major Shakespeare productions in Shetland – ‘Romeo and Juliet’ performed in Leask’s old  garage, ‘Macbeth’ in Scalloway Castle and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in Walls Community Garden.

To start the project Shetland Youth Theatre are running a series of workshops designed to make Shakespeare accessible to young people.  How to get your tongue round the words; what do they mean; how to tell the story?

Shakespeare is not scary (unlike some of his stories) – Shakespeare is for everyone!

This series of workshops can be booked as a block or individually and will allow participants to further develop their drama skills.  The workshops will culminate with a short sharing session for family and friends in the Mareel Auditorium.

SYT operates an open-door policy and participants range from 11-25.