Silver Darlings - 25 celebratory years of Shetland Youth Theatre. This will be a weekend long intensive focussing on developing an interactive performance that will act as a celebration of SYT 25 years. The performance will revisit characters from previous works, and will use different places around the building as theatre spaces to create an interactive performance. Participants will learn how to respond theatrically to a variety of performance spaces in a short, exciting development time, working with acclaimed Director John Haswell. Workshops open to all aged over 12 years (including adults and Alumni of SYT)

This event will use Mareel as a thought provoking an exciting theatre space where site specific works can happen. The interactive performance will explore different spaces and characters from different performances of SYT through the ages. We wish to celebrate the diversity of the performances and welcome members old and new. 

Workshops will devise the interactive Site Specific performance which will look at different characters from SYT through the ages.