Sat 18 Dec 2021
When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney: The Truth!’ written by Jacqui Birnie 
The Choys are back with a brand new Live at Lunch Festive show suitable for all the family. Beauty and Prince Charming are going to get married on Christmas Day. It is Christmas Eve and all the final preparations are under way. 
Everything is fine till… Dame Clumsyface, manages to trip and stab Beauty with a horse tranquilliser! Beauty falls asleep! Prince Charming gives a peck on the cheek to wake her up but nothing happens! Oh no she is totally snoring and will not wake up! What to do? 
It’s a disaster and something needs to happen quick otherwise the wedding and Christmas will be completely ruined. Maybe the only one who can save the day is the sometimes evil bird Patience (with a gentle prod from the most CHOYful Fairy). But Patience strikes a hard bargain – she wants something very large for Christmas and what happens next will reveal the truth about what really happened in the well-known Festive song.
Prince Charming - Zoe Spence
Sleeping Beauty - Barnum Smith
Dame Clumsyface - Hannah Whiley
Santa - Santa because he is REAL (or Bob Lowes)
Fairy Godmother - Da Choy (aka Kathy Hubbard)
Patience - Celestine Lawrence

This event is part of the We Are Live season, commissioned by Shetland Arts and supported by the Creative Scotland Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund.  

We recommend that all customers take a lateral flow test before attending, in line with current Scottish government guidance. In the event of a positive result please stay home, follow NHS advice and contact us on 01595 745500 to credit the ticket cost back to your account.

Please note that face coverings must be worn at all times in the venues, unless eating, drinking or exempt - please be mindful of other people. 



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