This is a 2 day workshop

Zoetrope Pop-Up Style Animation Film-making with Dr Marianne McAra from Glasgow School of Art. Make your own film exploring cultural heritage. 

The workshops will teach you Zoetrope technique and how to make experimental animations. This is a research project exploring young people’s ideas, experience and perceptions of local heritage through creative workshops and Zoetrope animations.

 Zoetropes were one of the first ever forms of animation, invented around 200 years ago. It is usually circular and spins a series of illustrations to create a moving image. The word ‘zoetrope’ means ‘wheel of life’.  Music and voice overs will be used as narration for the films. Participants’ Zoetropes will be digitally filmed to create one final edited short film.

There will be a sharing of the final Zoetropes animation with friends and family at a mini pop-up exhibition which will happen at Mareel at 4pm on Sunday 2nd June.

This project is funded by Glasgow School of Art and as it is part of a research project we are delighted to be able to offer this opportunity for FREE. Consent forms must be filled in before the workshops.

This is a research project for a Glasgow School of Arts fellow therefore some discussions and ideas may be recorded.


Please take the time to read and complete a consent form. If you are under 18, you will need to ask the person who looks after you to complete a Guardian Consent Form too.

Please also bring an object from home that you associate with your local heritage. This could be, for example, an old family photo album or photograph, pieces of advertising like a brochure or flyer, a piece of craft or art work, a musical instrument, or an old letter.

We will be using these as design inspiration during the pop-up studio.