A week of workshops, concerts, sessions and masterclasses, Folk Frenzy is curated by renowned Shetland fiddler, Kevin Henderson and will run from Sunday 14 – Friday 19th July 2019. 

After taking a break in 2018, Fiddle Frenzy has been developed into Folk Frenzy, still with a significant fiddle focus but broadening the event out to include other aspects of folk music. The Shetland fiddle tradition will be at the core of the event but there will be the chance to get an insight to other styles and musical thoughts. 

Folk Frenzy 2019 sees the addition of an international name to the tuition mix, and the introduction of an ‘ensemble’ class, alongside the fiddle classes to widen the festival out to other musicians and instruments who wish to know more about the arrangement side of the music process and how music is put together from scratch. 

We are delighted to have the highly sought after ensemble class leader Antti Järvela from Finland as special guest for this class.The aim is to create a focussed and intimate event, with a ‘family vibe’, focussing on developing the musical relationship between the participants, tutors and instruments to provide a collaborative and inspiring experience for everyone involved. 

Full frenzy packages on sale now at a special early bird price, valid until the end of February 2019. Extra activities on sale in April including bus tours, boat tours, walking tours, concerts, sessions, masterclasses and introductory classes, and arts and crafts workshops, priority booking for those with early bird Folk Frenzy Packages.

Tutors confirmed so far:

Catriona Macdonald - Fiddle

Ross Couper - Fiddle

Antti Järvela (Finland) - Ensemble

It can sometimes be tricky to know which class is right for you. The teachers will help you to find the right class if you need some advice at the start of the week.

Package-holders will have free access to evening concerts/events

Intermediate - Lower

For fiddle players who have been playing for a few or more years and who are able to play with all four fingers in the first position. You should be be able to play tunes in a variety of keys. You should be able to pick up tunes by ear at a moderate pace.


Intermediate - Higher

For fiddle players who have been playing for a number of years and are comfortable with most major and minor keys as well as third position.  You should be capable of picking up tunes at a reasonable pace by ear.



This class is for fiddler players who can play in all keys and positions and who like to challenge and develop themselves as musicians. You should be capable of picking up tunes at a fast pace by ear. 


Ensemble Class

We have introduced this brand new class this year which we are very excited about!

The class will be led by the fantastic Antti Järvelä from Finland who is a master musician on a number of instruments and is a well known musician throughout the folk music world.

This class is open to any instrument and will focus on the process of arranging music.

The ensemble class will work on arranging some of the fiddle class repertoire as well as other material.


All Intermediate/Advanced/Ensemble classes will be held in Mareel/Shetland Museum and Archives which are located side by side on the waterfront in Lerwick. There will also be sessions in the Mareel cafe bar most evenings.