Dir Zara Balfour, Marcus Stephenson, UK/Nepal 2018, 1h42, Cert PG
In English, Nepali and Tibetan with English subtitles.

A group of teenagers educated in Nepal’s capital return to the villages they left years earlier in this moving documentary.

In the stunningly beautiful but exceptionally remote High Himalayas of Nepal, life is extremely tough. From just four years old, some children are sent by their parents to a boarding school in Kathmandu, in the hope that education will give them a better chance in life. Now, upon graduation, a group of children are making the trek from their adopted city school all the way back to their birthplace in the highest inhabited villages on earth, to reconnect with family and an ancient way of life, and to make peace with those who gave them up for a ‘better’ life.

“A wonderfully touching documentary.” - The Financial Times

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