Dir Tim van Dammen, New Zealand 2018, 1h31, Cert 18
Cast: Anton Tennet, Jonny Brugh, Hetty Gaskall-Haan, Arlo Gibson, Milo Cawthorne.

A deliciously daft and wildly entertaining time travel/sci-fi comedy.

John, a low-level criminal from the small town of Thames in New Zealand, unknowingly steals an ancient Chinese time-travel device. Before he realises the ramifications of his newfound ability to leap to and fro along the timeline, he’s inadvertently amassed a small army of doppelgängers. What else is an ambitious hooligan to do but form a gang of ‘himselves’ in hopes that it might even the odds against Shelton, the aggrieved crime lord who’s gunning for him?

“Fast-paced, determinedly silly, with sharp slangy dialogue and funny situations, the film hits just the right absurdist notes.” - Variety

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