Dir Alexandria Bombach, USA 2018, 1h39, Cert 12A
In English and Arabic with English subtitles.

An intelligent and moving portrait of 23-year-old Nadia Murad, who once dreamed of opening a beauty salon in her village and now fights to bring ISIS to justice and save her people from extinction.

Nadia, a Yezidi from northern Iraq, survived atrocities against her people and sexual slavery at the hands of ISIS. and witnessed the murder of those closest to her. With the love of her people propelling her forward, Nadia now shoulders immense burdens as a key public figure whose supporters are pushing her further into the spotlight – from testifying at the United Nations Security Council to giving soul-baring media interviews. 

Screening with the support of the Shetland branch of Amnesty International.

“An intimate, empathetic documentary, made with discretion and power.” - Los Angeles Times

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