Dir Ellen Fiske, Ellinor Hallin, Sweden 2018, 1h35, Recommended cert 15

A beautifully tender documentary about a Scottish teenager. 

Gemma lives with her grandfather, who has raised her since she was abandoned by her mother, in Jerviston, a Livingston housing scheme where you “either get knocked up or locked up,” where there’s been nothing to do since Margaret Thatcher closed the local steelworks in the 1980s. Everyone finds a distraction to stay out of trouble: Papa keeps pigeons and teaches boxing, the kids drink and commit petty crime, and Gemma finds motherhood. Thanks to the sensitivity of the filmmakers and Gemma's strong personality, there is a clear strand of hope in this absorbing story of survival.

Screening with the support of the Shetland branch of UNISON.

“An alternately lyrical and gut-punching coming-of-age study.” - Variety

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