Various directors, Various countries, 50m, Recommended cert U
In English or without dialogue.

Specially compiled by Discovery Film Festival in Dundee, this programme of short animated films from all over the world will delight children aged 3 and over, and are a colourful introduction to the cinema experience. 

There are some funky dinosaurs, a flea who must learn to share, and a girl who wants to live in a zoo! The films make use of different animation techniques, and cover themes such as friendship, adventure, team work, family and determination. 

With thanks to Discovery Film Festival.

Programme includes: Funny Fish (Dir Krishna Chandran A Nair, France/Switzerland 2018), Penguin (Dir Julia Ocker, Germany 2018), Tyrannosaurus Funk (Dir Sandra Boynton, USA 2017), Flo (Dir Nora Marie Back, Germany 2017), I Want To Live In The Zoo (Dir Evgenia Golubeva, Russia 2018), Lemon and Elderflower (Dir Ilenia Cotardo, UK 2018), The Green Bird (Dir Maximilien Bougeois, Quentin Dubois, Marine Goalard, Irina Nguyen-Duc, Pierre Perveyrie, France 2017), Kiwi & Strit: Wash Day (Dir Esben Toft Jacobsen, Denmark 2018), The House (Dir Veronika Zacharová, Czech Republic 2017), Dum Dum (De De Bom) (Dir Benjamin Hall, Robin Hall, UK 2018)

During Screenplay, films will begin no later than five minutes after the advertised time – please make sure you arrive in plenty of time to take your seat.