Canadian/American musician Devon Sproule will be returning to Shetland with her band this spring, three years after her last visit, as part of a tour for her new album Gold String. 

The 34-year-old worked on some of the material while staying in Culswick on Shetland’s west side in the summer of 2014.

She says: “I was staying in a tiny house all by myself, on a windy island out in the North Sea. My daily human contact was waving to a farmer while he trained his 9-month-old sheepdog, Jan, for a herding competition. I had a little map of the ruins in the area, but I never really felt like it. I was gravitating toward the more modest plants and birds, considering all the people in my life. Everything seemed hyper-connected.  So I postponed dinner — which is always easy because I can’t cook — and begin to write these long, long lines of lyrics.  They were way less labored than usual, less chiseled into a meter. But I found that if I narrowed the melody to a few notes — almost like a chant — the ideas began to string themselves together. That song became ‘The Gold String.’”


Gold String is described as “North American music with weirdo roots” and was recorded in three different Canadian provinces – Yukon, Ontario and Nova Scotia – and the short, lush LP features backing from Toronto dream-poppers Bernice.


"Sproule's lyrics glance off each other arrestingly, juxtaposing images." (Financial Times).


"Her quirky affectations bring to mind Bjork, and forays into the dark, Michelle Shocked." (Village Voice)


Listen to her new song on soundcloud here

Tickets available on the door (Not on sale)