9.00pm Saturday, 6 - 1.00am Sunday, 7 August 2022
Electric Soup is back! After long last the old crew are together again to cook up another well blended pot of Electric Soooooop. Your DJ servers are:
🟢 Bolam (Malmö)
🟢 Taska (London)
🟢 L&B Superkings (Lyall & Bren B2B)
For one night only we'll be transforming the Mareel Bar into a Club Mareel with a massive bass trembling soundsystem 🔊🔊🔊
🟠 Electro 🟠 House 🟠 Breaks 🟠 Techno 🟠 Trance 🟠
Hope to see you there!! Mark the calendar, come early, stay late! 
Admission for 18+ only
Doors 20:30 for 21:00 start - 01:00 close
This performance will contain strobe and laser lighting.