Sun 19 Dec 2021, 3.00pm

Flitsang takks da union o Christie Williamson's poyitry wi Christopher Stout's music at set aff wi Da Flit for Refresh Now an makks fur deep wattirs.  Wi dir sails fu o Catriona McKay's Scottish Harp music, come an join dem wi speeshil guest Ainsley Hamill at Mareel tae explore faimily an migration, land an sea through music an poyitry. 

Flitsang takes the union of Christie Williamson’s poetry with Christopher Stout’s music at set off with Da Flit for Refresh Now and makes for deep waters. With their sails full of Catriona McKay’s Scottish Harp music, come and join them with special guest Ainsley Hamill at Mareel to explore family and migration, land and sea through music and poetry. 

 Da Flit was originally commissioned as part of Refresh Now, taking place during April 2021, online and at Shetland Museum and Archives. Find out more information here. 


Flitsang is part of the We Are Live season, commissioned by Shetland Arts and supported by the Creative Scotland Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund.  

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