Norman Willmore - Saxophone
Christos Stylianidies - Trumpet
Sam Ingvorsen - Double Bass
Felix Ambach - Drums

The Norman Willmore Quartet blends Scandinavian and Appalachian folk music with elements of free jazz as well as arrangements of old wartime songs and hymns always played with a sense of humour, and with respect to the tradition.

The concert will be a live recording which will make up the quartet's new album, so expect fresh material at this gig.

'The monumental cliffs, swelling ebb and rural village politics of the Shetland Islands are the inspiration behind the music of the Norman Willmore Quartet. All the musicians in the band are working towards a common goal with no ego present, and not one person ever standing out. Playing together for 3 years in the same line-up has given the band a distinctive sound that is soft and inviting but always with the feeling of momentum and power behind it. They are often all improvising together in a tasteful dialogue, taking the audience on a journey to the last house at the end of the last road.'

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