These two workshops allow you to introduce overprinting and colour to your oil-based printmaking practice. 

You will cut and print a relief block for overprinting in colour, learning how to:

  • Transfer and cut a vinyl block for printing in a single colour
  •  Hand print using lino ink and roller to produce multiple prints
  • Introduce colour by overprinting additional blocks

Workshops are open to all abilities, from beginners to beyond. Drawing ability is not essential. Examples will be shown, practical demonstrations and guidance will be given, and you’ll get help on an individual basis if needed.

The workshops include: soft cut, vinyl, nib cutter tools, papers, lino, inks etc. You will also be able to take-away the cutting tools you use in the workshop, meaning you can continue your printmaking practice afterward. We’ll be working with block size 100mm x 150mm.

These 2 half-day sessions on two consecutive Sundays will allow for your work and practice to develop across each session. 

See for more details of her work. 


SESSION 1 | Sun 8 Mar | 09:30am - 1.30pm

You will draw, design and transfer image to blocks. You will then cut the vinyl block with the nib cutter tool. Individual help given.You will then print multiple copies in one colour using oil based lino inks with rubber rollers. Images printed by hand. 

SESSION 2 | Sun 15 Mar | 09:30am - 1.30pm

You will trace off and transfer part of the first printed image onto additional and blocks for cutting.You will then Cut out pieces  to use as small colour blocks for overprinting. We will then Introduce overprinting and colour to the prints.

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