Learn, experiment and create with watercolour with four workshops from Thurs 7 - Thurs 28 May from 7-9pm.

Learn and practice techniques with colour washes, flooding, splattering, building layers, and adding detail.

In these four sessions you will learn:

  • A range of watercolour techniques
  • To create a mix of painted samples
  • Start making images bringing together learning from sample making

These workshops are aimed at beginners and intermediates. There will be an introduction to each session including information about materials, a look at the history of watercolour painting and its applications also its use by contemporary artists.


Linda Newington is a Visual Artist living in Bigton, Shetland. She had a solo exhibition entitled ‘Dazzled’ in Da Gaaderie at the Shetland Museum in 2019. Her work includes drawing, painting, printmaking and artists books.



Materials, such as Paper, paint and brushes will be provided, but If you have any brushes feel free to bring these along.