Perimeter is a (con)temporary outdoor exhibition space in the car park at Mareel, showing new work in strange times. A programme of small exhibitions and events have been taking place within it over the autumn and winter. 


Currently showing: 

The Last Tree In Scotland

Callum Moncrieff, January 2021

'The Last Tree In Scotland' takes its title from a suite of drawings, a recurring theme.

Made from the bleached discards of the seasonal pursuit of gardening, these thinnings take on a new and hopeful form.

As a composite, a seemingly Frankenstein thing, it enters the greenhouse in hope of rejuvenation, not as a harbinger or portent of gloom.

Its new optimism is to be found in the affinity we have with all things that once carried life, not in any enigmatic truce with nature.

This installation will, over the coming weeks, be subject to 'fine tuning'. A tweeking by the artist that will hopefully intrigue any responsibly distanced passer by or denizen of the night.


The space is locked and monitored 24/7 by CCTV. Please be mindful of social distancing and keep 2m apart.