6 May-4 Sep 2022

ShetlandMade returns to Bonhoga this summer with three exhibitions showcasing fifteen local designers and makers. The ShetlandMade exhibitions celebrate craft and its role in Shetland’s culture and economy and allow visitors to discover and buy high quality craft and applied art. 

The 2022 exhibitions feature textiles, ceramics, jewellery, homeware, woodwork and leather work. Exhibitions will run from 6th May - 12th June, 16th June - 24th July, 28th July - 4th September. 

16th June - 24th July

  • Fraser Knitwear

  • The Pottery, North Roe

  • Jayne Kelly

  • Paparwark

  • Avril Thomson Smith

Fraser Knitwear 

Joan Fraser is inspired by the classic formality of Fair Isle pattern.  She works from her home in Muckle Roe, developing designs on a hand frame machine linked to a computer.  Her pieces are knitted in the Shetland Textile Facilitation Unit's Lerwick studio on a Shima Seiki machine which creates the pattern in its double-sided form.  Joan's original specialism is in printmaking, and she likes the simplicity of a positive and negative effect that can be achieved with two colours, as in a linocut. 

The Pottery, North Roe  

Sharon McGeady is a ceramicist based in North Roe. Her pieces are hand built using templates and textures taken from items found in and around the croft.  Different textures are rolled into the iron bearing clay to bring the work alive; lace knitting, cloth and wallpaper as well as rope from a homemade keeshie.  The pieces are fired to stoneware temperatures giving them strength and durability. 

Jayne Kelly  

Contemporary jeweller Jayne Kelly lives and works in Lerwick. She is inspired by the local environment as well as Shetland’s cultural, ancient and modern history.  Working mainly in Sterling Silver, she creates her unique pieces from sheet and wire, piercing shapes by hand, hammering or stamping to create texture before soldering. Colour is added to some designs using enamels or gemstones.  


Paparwark was founded by furniture designer and craftsman Cecil Tait in 2003. Cecil is renowned for the quality of his craftsmanship and innovative use of traditional techniques.  His business specialises in bespoke, handmade furniture from his workshop in Bigton. Cecil has also developed a collection of affordable contemporary homewares, made in a variety of woods. 

Avril Thomson Smith 

Avril Thomson Smith is a Lerwick based artist who draws inspiration from her local surroundings.  She captures the beauty of Shetland’s natural environment with a vibrant and distinct style of landscape painting. She also designs and produces hand painted brooches and keyrings, incorporating Shetland’s Fair Isle designs. Recently Avril has started creating a small range of hand built ceramic croft house ornaments. 


28th July - 4th September

  • Deborah Briggs

  • Island Ceramics

  • Nielanell

  • Karlin Anderson

  • Helen Robertson


Image (c) Drummie-Bee


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