To celebrate the final year of our START Schools Education Programme we present These Favourite Things

Over the course of this year, five schools across Shetland (Brae, Aith, Whalsay, Sandwick and Fetlar) have been exploring the theme of COLLECTION & ARCHIVE through the off-site contemporary visual art programme.

The project has been built around visits to two exhibitions with workshops from visiting artists and makers. We've been thinking about why people collect things, what a collection can teach us and we've been discovering what our friends like to collect at home.

Our final collection, These Favourite Things, represents the treasured possessions of all the pupils we have worked with during 2019. In years to come, this may tell us more than we can possibly know right now…


The START Bonhoga Education Programme is supported by national organisation Children & The Arts and delivered by Shetland Arts in partnership with SIC Creative Links. It provides young people in five local schools with the opportunity to participate in high-quality arts activities, focusing on our contemporary visual art programme.


For more information and pictures of this year’s work click here